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The pros and cons of the pet dog in the winter

The benefits of wearing clothes for dogs:
1, cold insulation: in this case, is a must to dog clothes, especially for puppies or infirm dogs, this is related to the health of it. For example, China crest, Chihuahua, miniture this kind of very small in size and low in fat and skinny dog. In addition the old dog they need more afraid of the cold, resistance is relatively weak, in the low temperature days to go out on the best dressed, which can reduce the probability of their illness.
2, cleaning needs: dog does not need to often take a shower, always take a bath instead may cause skin problems. So they are outside the dirty condition, wear clothes can make them a long time to keep clean, but also reduce the burden of the dog.
3, to protect the surface: take the dog out to play some time to wear clothes is good, for example, take the dog to climb clothes can avoid back too many dogs who plant seeds, also can prevent insects into the dog's hair.
Dogs wear clothes harm:
1, cause the shaggy dog knot: often dressed dog some parts than not wearing clothes. Such as armpit, neck, shoulder strap line parts, because the clothes hair tightly, plus the friction, it is easy to form groups, if not carefully combed soon became good comb hair knot.
2, cause skin disease: short for dogs although there is no hair knot, but the fabric for skin friction, may cause the dog's skin disease, allergies, itching, peeling is possible. And always wearing clothes easy for us to ignore some problems of the dog's body surface,
3, ill fitting clothes: may limit the dog's action, rubs the skin.

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