About us

Since founding Keezeg company, we peoples dedicated extensive amounts of time to research the pets and products, just because hope our products help to maintain the pet's health and wellness. so everyboday's working is worth. 


Annie loves pet very much,she feels proud that can do the job for pet product, " i think that if we can take great efforts ,and do not forget why we are here,why we are so love pet, then we'll do better and better "she said .

About our Keezeg

Founder's memory:

The reason i loves pet was coming from one movie, this film tells the story of a professor adopted a dog named Hachi, Since then Hachi will send professor to the station in the morning and waiting for the professor together to go home in the evening,Unfortunately, professor suddenly dies due to illness and couldn't go back the station any more, However, Hachi still waiting at the station everyday until finally died 9years later , that's so long times for a dog, ,he spend his whole life to wait the owner's back . i knew i was touched and crying time and time again during watching the films , and since that time, i decided to do something for dog ,or others pet .

company founded:

Keezeg company is one of the professional supplier of pets, we service for imp&export company or  brand holders, market, wholesale,retailers, to ensure that we are able to offer you the very best performing products, we keep contacted with many manufactures and choose products with good quality and beautiful design  from them, including many products developed by our own in-house design;

 the love to the pets need sincere, honesty is our business principle, we dedicated to research & develop ,produce ,supply the safe, comfortable products , love pets ,love life; so if you have any inquiring about pet products , welcome to contact , thanks .

Our mission

Always keep the heat of innocence and the bright eyes to develop the suitable products for pets, we firmly believe that the love to pet could motivate energy .

we are new,

we continually keep to tell ourselves, we are new, we need more efforts to do well, to make the word beautiful.

Keezeg , service for pets;  we can do more great products , our products could be the most suitable for pets..

Keezeg focus on pet services ,focus on what we love, hope to make friends who love pets from all over the world.