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How to train the dog to use the urine pad

Urine pad is used mainly in order to prevent the dog dog anywhere excretion dirty home health environment, just started when the dog will not to the specified location on excretion and need after a certain amount of training to habits and get rid of the bad habit.

Dogs in the excretion usually have smell, around the circle and other habits, but they didn't do like the smell of urine, but in order to leave their own scent. If use newspapers or abandon the urine pad training, dogs feel just leave a scent will be collected on the master, but this will so that they do not know where pee. Besides like smell, dogs are like the sensation of the soles of the feet touch the ground, so many dogs like above the cloth pee.

In dog training before using urine pad shall first circle a training area, let it activities in the region. In the training area on the side of the bowl, toys, bed, and so on. On the other side deodorant diapers, not in sleep excretion of the local characteristics, it induces the urine pad by dogs.
If the age slants little dog can be first in the isolation region covered with urine pad, let it find the position and then gradually will narrow the scope, finally removed the isolation zone, leaving only the urine pad can be. And attention is with the increase of dog body, urine pad to change, grew up in dog urine pad size should also increase accordingly, otherwise it may not good urine in the urine pad.
When the dog in the right place to pee, we can let it out, and praised it. If it is erroneously still limit the scope of their activities. Training to properly induced, encouraged to urine pad. Go to urine pad to be praised, encouraging them to in the excretion of urine pad, excretion again praise the dog, and put out the activities

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