Name:China Silica Gel Crystal Cat Litter/Crystal Cat Litter
Material:Silica gel
Color:White with color
Package:As requires
Delivery time:15-25days
Price list:Available
Package design:Available
Payment term;T/T ,paypal

Product Descrition

Silica gel, Size:C1-6mm , ingredient :98% SiO2 , 2%H2O
has a large number of porous internal structure and owns a big absorption capacity for the water vapor, and all kinds of smell .Based on above special properties Silica cat litter is manufactured through processing and refining. Silica cat litter is a new type and ideal pet waste cleaning agents which have better properties than the past cat litter such as clay. Silica gel being used as cat litter is a major improvement for the cat litter industry.  the main ingredient of Silica cat litter is silica which is non-toxic and pollution-free, so that it can be a green product for family use. The used cat litter can be merely buried and doesn't course trouble. Silica cat litter has the appearance of a white granular material and has a light weight; it is hard to be broken, can inhibit bacterial from growing and is the most popular cat litter products in the current international market.

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