Name:carbon pet pad
Material:non-woven fabric,(Super absorbent tissue),fluff pulp SAP, film PEo
Size:12 x 18inches,18 x 24,24 x 24,24 x 36,or customized
Back sheet color:blue ,pink,white, or customizede
Weight:large size:35g,sap2.5,6.5kg/ctn or customized
Package:large size:40pcs/pp bag,160pcs/ctn or customized
Door to door service:available
Price list, sample check:Available

Product Descrition

1.High quality non-woven fabrics as top layer is clean and try ,cotton fabric feeling soft,breathable, effectively inhibit the breeding of bacteria.
2.The absorbing layer is composed of imported fluff pulp &SAP,fast and strong absorption;
3. Net-shape design fasten flowing, keep surface dry and comfortable;
4;high quality bottom film ,leak proof ;
5.Add pet inducing agent and deodorant,eliminate the oder effectively .

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